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We’ve built a platform
to variety of purposes.

Zippin is the cryptocurrency of our platform. With ZPN tokens, you can buy and sell shares, use the advertising space of our platform, and use the advanced features of NFTs & Metaverse.

It may be hard to believe but, we have big ideas that when it works, the world will be a better place.

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Why Zippin (ZPN) Token?

Zippin is a decentralized Crypto currency built on Polygon blockchain. High security and privacy, very low transaction costs, the ability to use hardware and software wallets and etc. are some of the features of ZPN.

Zippin also has a great advertising space that you can use. With the tokens you buy or receive as prizes, you can have this space. Also, the Metaverse-phase of ZPN will start soon and you can also enjoy the virtual world (Metavarse).

Our Apps Zippin

Currently, Zippin’s professional team has 2 applications for this token.

  • The first app is related to advertising space. This space is provided to Zippin token holders in the form of NFT.
  • The second app is related to Metaverse and is being launched. All those who are interested in Metaverse can use the various lands and practical tools provided in Metaverse by having ZPN token.

Token Sale ZPN

Zippin (ZPN) Crypto token will be released on the basis of Polygon platform. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.


Dec 16, 2021 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

80,000,000,000,000 ZPN (8%)


JUN 30, 2022 (11:00AM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

1 USD=745t‎ZPN,‎1 MATIC=1.23m‎ZPN

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount


  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

How to BUY Zippin

How to buy ZIPPIN (ZPN) Token?

Follow the steps below to Buy the Zippin token
  1. First, install MetaMask or Trust Wallet 
    Copy ZPN Smart Contract Address: 0x17FCc81cDE4B2Da29dC0bAE73E0dAeC8503e54BA
    Watch how to Add ZPN to Trust Wallet or MetaMask
  3. Click on Buy Zippin (ZPN) Token
  4. Connect your wallet and change network to Polygon
  5. Enter your Ammount USDT/MATIC/ etc.
  6. Click on Allow the QuickSwap Protocol to use your Crypto Button, then Click on SWAP Button
Zippin Smart Contract QR Code
In your wallet, Scan this code to add Zippin (ZPN) to your wallet!

Buy now on QuickSwap

Do these steps:
Connect your wallet >>>

Select a Currency >>>

Impute amount >>>

Then hit the Swap

Distribution of tokens

Use of proceeds

Zippin Token Coin


2020 Q2

Idea and Concept Generation

2020 Q3


2020 Q4

Analysis on market requirements

2021 Q1

Research on Blockchain Networks

2021 Q2

Generate test tokens and check performance on the network

2021 Q3

Fundraising to start the project

2021 Q4

Hired several developers in the field of cryptocurrencies, web and games

January 2022


February 2022

10B Airdrops to 1000 lucky winners

May 2022


July 2022

Launching an NFT-based advertising system

2022 Q4

Launching Metawares


Exchanges which provide Zippin

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of Zippin, ZPN Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Zippin is not run by any individual company or person. Technically speaking, it operates according to rules agreed by consensus, rather than decided upon by some founding or owning entity.

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is secured by cryptography, in contrast to conventional (fiat) currencies where they are secured by a government or governments.

Pre-selling is a practice performed by some crypto projects ahead of an initial coin offering, in which tokens are sold to interested parties at a certain price.

Private Pre-Sale is an event targeted for larger ticket sizes. Think of yourself pitching behind closed doors to Wealthy families, Accredited investors & Fund Managers. You can do a single event or can combine that with one on one meetings with the targets.

ZPN Token - is unique platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital.

Zippin Token or ZPN is our cryptocurrency which you can purchase.

In SALE tab, we described this.

Zippin token is a multi-purpose Crypto-token which you can use it for holding, trading, advertising and also use it for NFTs and metaverse. All of them are benefits of ZPN token. Open

Join our Telegram and follow the robot requirements Robot address: @ZippinBot Telegram: @Zippin Admin: @Zippin_Admin

You can either buy from website ( or join our Telegram (Zippin) and contact admin

ICO Crypto - is unique platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital.

ICO Crypto - is unique platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital.

Zippin team provide an advertising service that you can use it for advertising your website, blog, social network, etc. It like NFT and you can put your logo, links or information and your clients can by clicking on them, redirect to your info which you putted on.

Absolutely yes. you can do our NFTs system or other worldwide services.

You can buy these spaces or get them by Award. Right now, 1 advertising space is 1 billion ZPN but, we give it to you as an award!

Yes, you can. If you purchased 1 Billion ZPN, we give you 1 advertising space as award and you can hold, use or sell it freely.

Zippin is a multi purpose token on Polygon blockchain.

ZPN contract address is: 0x17FCc81cDE4B2Da29dC0bAE73E0dAeC8503e54BA
ZPN on Polygon

You can use any wallets support Polygon (Matic) "TrustWallet & Metamask"

There is no minimum purchase

You can either buy from website ( or join our Telegram (Zippin) and contact admin


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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