How to connect MetaMask to the Polygon network (MATIC)

This How-To post will teach you how to connect your MetaMask wallet to the Polygon Network, allowing you to benefit from Polygon’s rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem and low transaction costs.

Two ways are there to add Polygon (MATIC) network to MetaMask.

1st: watch this video (Recomended)

2nd: Follow bellow steps

Step 1. Open MetaMask

Open your MetaMask browser extension by clicking the top right corner of your Browser.

MetaMask icon in browser

Step 2. Go to settings

Click on the logo of your account at the top right of the MetaMask app. Then click on ‘Settings’.

MetaMask settings menu

Step 3. Go to networks

In the settings window you will see a list of different settings. Click on ‘Network’. In the following list, you will see all the networks that your MetaMask wallet can connect to. Next, click on the ‘Add Network’ button below.

MetaMask - add network

Step 4. Add the network details

MetaMask will now ask you to enter a Network Name, New RPC URL, ChainID, Symbol and Block Explorer URL. To add the Polygon network to your MetaMask wallet, enter the following information:

• Network Name: Matic Mainnet
• New RPC URL:
• Chain ID: 137
• Symbol: MATIC
• Block Explorer URL:

MetaMask - input network details

All transaction fees on the Polygon Network are paid with the MATIC token.

Step 5. Connect your MetaMask to the Polygon network

The last step is to connect your MetaMask wallet to the network. To do this, click on the current network at the top of your MetaMask wallet. Then click on Matic Mainnet.

MetaMask - select network

Congratulations, you have just connected MetaMask wallet to Polygon’s network!