Zippin Token (ZPN)


Buy Zippin Token (ZPN) Directly Now

Here you can Purchase Zippin Token (ZPN) directly.

1 USDT = 750.000,00 ZPN

Minimum purchase amount is : $50=37.5 Million ZPN

Before purchasing, please read description.

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  • Before paying, be sure you added the zippin token (ZPN) to your wallet (How to Add ZPN in wallet)
  • The minimum number of Zippin tokens you can buy is 37.5 Million ZPN (Equivalent 50 U.S.Dollar). This means that you must add at least 50 in the box next to the Add to Cart button.
    EX: If you pay $ 100, you will receive 75,000,000 ZPN in your wallet.
  • After adding to the cart, continue the placing order process to the end. After payment, the Zippin token will be sent to the Zippin wallet address that will be requested on the checkout page.