Zippin Metaverse is Coming!

ZIPPIN METAVERSE is on the way!

What will be the Zippin Metaverse?

The Universe will be divided into two parts. The world before Zippin and the world with Zippin!

Imagine the real world around you. Country, state / province, city, village, road, street, alley, shopping malls, shops, houses and apartments, etc.

Think about whether you want to walk in the city, have fun in the game city, sell goods in your own shop, or buy from a grocery store, fruit and meat, and so on.

Maybe you want to make friends with someone, make a romantic date and watch your favorite movie in a cinema.

If you want to go to another city or country for a business mission and do your job there but you can not travel due to a personal problem. What then? Most likely, the virtual world can solve your problem!

Think about it if you do all these in a virtual world but, in reality all of this happens.

This is what Zippin is supposed to do for you. We will use special techniques that are unique in the world. Metaverse Zipin will help all the people of the planet to enjoy the virtual world more, to have a calmer, happier and healthier life by using the virtual world.


More secluded cities, less fuel consumption, less electricity consumption, more security against thieves, less risk of accidents, prevention of public diseases such as Covid 19 and …. Doesn’t this prove that life will be happier, healthier and more enjoyable?

In Zippin Metaverse, each person can be who he is or wants to be. If you are a baker but want to be a fashion designer, you can.

With Zippin Metaverse this world will be what you make!

Zippin Metaverse will launch as soon!

Zippin Metaverse Website